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100% Hand Poured Using Natural Soy Wax

Created by a single woman, doing it for herself!


Each Candle Line Gives Back

I donate a portion of each candle sale from each line to a different charity. You will see from my many pets included in my photos that animal rescue is close to my heart! And it thrills me to be able to do good with this venture!


Sweet Dreams Candle

The candle for lucid dreams and a great nights sleep! Scented with lavender oils and adorned with Tourmaline the anti night terror crystal and Amethyst for protection and Rose Quartz the ultimate love crystal.


Passion Candle

Red hot candle with just one super luxurious crystal....crushed Rubies! This gemstone is the only one you need to attract passion into your life! Smells so amazing with cinnamon and spices.

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