Setting Your Intention With Crystal Intention Candles – Attracting Wealth Or A Soulmate

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Hey there! My name is Karen and I am the creator of Starstruck Candles! 

I had the idea to start this business about two years ago. I was having a challenging time with a retail store that I had owned for 13 years. It was a really bad patch financially and I started to research for some ways to help the cash flow start coming back. And what I learned changed my whole life! 

Through my research, I learned that crystals give off energy that can attract all kinds of great things to your life — and they really do work! That discovery inspired me to start Starstruck Candles and create crystal intention candles that can help with things like attracting wealth and your soulmate. Find the right intention candle for your needs and learn more about using these candles below! 

Tips For Money Intention Candles

Let’s start with the idea of using crystals to attract more wealth and prosperity. Green is the color of money which is why, in money spells, you always use green candles. So I made my wealth attraction intention candles green. Then I added the best three crystals for attracting money: Citrine, Green peridot, and Fool’s Gold. I would suggest you buy those crystals and have them in your cash register, purse, safe, or anywhere you make or keep money. 

Also, don’t forget to cleanse your crystals because they lose their power and need to recharge. When you get a new crystal, wash it in salt water and on a full moon night, leave it out under the moonlight and you are charged and good to go!

Always burn money intention candles to the left of where you either make or keep your money. For example, I have my money candles burning daily to the left of my computer. 

Visualization is also an important aspect of your intention candle. When you burn your money candle (or another intention candle), take ten seconds to just shut your eyes and imagine what you want from that candle. So using my money candle as an example, I visualize my credit card being paid off and me cutting it in half and throwing it away. Before bed is a really great time to really visualize. Shut your social media, phone, and TV off at least 30 minutes before bed, put on some meditation music, and really focus on imagining how you want your life to be. 

Tips for Soulmate Intention Candle

I love this intention candle and it smells incredible! I choose Ylang Ylang and Rose oils as they are the best essential oils to attract love. I then researched the soulmate crystal — not just a love crystal but a crystal to pull your soulmate to you. The best crystal for this is Black Onyx. So Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst adorn this gorgeous candle. 

To use, you want to wait for a new or full moon. Go outside under the moon and write down things about your ideal partner, just make sure you’re not too specific! Then, as you light that list using the fire of your candle, visualize your soulmate walking towards you. Thank the moon Goddesses. Just remember that when it comes to soulmates, you are also waiting on their schedule so it may not happen immediately but you have to trust that it will. 

Crystal Intention Candles From Starstruck Candles

I hope this blog helps you use your intention candles! Intention candles can be a great way to help you find wealth or attract your soulmate. I personally have found success using a money intention candle to help me find success and good fortune. 

Stay tuned for more blogs on other intention candles and how to use them, like my stress relief candles, love candles, and other healing crystal candles. 

At Starstruck Candles, I have a variety of other candles available, including unicorn candles and mermaid candles. Make sure you browse my different collections and find the candle that’s right for you and your intention.