How to use Crystal Candles for Healing

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Have you ever thought about using intention candles to help with healing?

I get a lot of questions about how best to use my crystal intention candles. In this post, I want to talk about candle healing and how to use my candles to help heal different ailments. 

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Using Your Intention Candle

First, you want to find the crystal intention candle that best suits the health issues you have. Currently, I have created one for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer, healing, and mental healing with candles for additional ailments coming soon. 

Each intention candle comes with carefully chosen crystals to help with the ailment you are trying to heal. The crystals are full of energy that radiates the power you need for that healing to come back to you.  

To use your intention candles, you want to place the candle next to your bed and light it. Once your candle is lit, you want to work on setting your intention. This is done by spending some time, even if you only have one minute, visualizing what you want from your candle. 

When you’re using your candle for healing, you want to see yourself in the best possible health. 

Do this routine every night for as many nights as you can, letting the candle burn for a little bit each time. While you are visualizing your intention, imagine the flame is covering you in a white, healing light.

Making Your Intention Strong 

The best way to visualize your intention is to start talking as if you are healed. You can do this by: 

  • Say things that are future-based, like: “When I am back to normal, let’s go do…”
  • Make plans
  • Tell your loved ones not to say anything negative around you
  • Don’t give the illness a name (for example, don’t say the word “cancer”) 
  • Think of yourself smiling, running, walking in the park, or riding a bike — all the things you would do if you were feeling great 
  • Visualize a big smile on your face and your family’s faces 

What makes your intention so strong is when you surround yourself with positive energy, positive thoughts, and the healing power of crystals. When you work hard on this positivity, you are constantly putting that train of thought in your mind and out into the universe. With a strong intention, you’ve got this! 

Heal with an Intention Candle

I hope that through this post you are able to better visualize your intention using a crystal intention candle. Just light your candle next to your bed, visualize what you want from it, and use the law of attraction (sending a strong intention out into the world) to help find healing through your crystal intention candle. 

Karen at Starstruck Candles is working hard to come up with other candles focused on healing specific ailments. Make sure you shop the entire crystal intention candle line to find other intention candles, whether you’re looking for healing or to attract something else to you.