Candles For Charity

Meet Binky! Binky was born with a multitude of handicaps. You will see in his home movie that he has trouble walking due to missing vertebrae in his neck, has puppy dwarfism so his skull is too big for his body, and he suffers from liver damage. Bless his heart! He wasn’t expected to live past one year old and now we are approaching his third birthday! Binky’s special needs gave me the idea to start a business that could use candles for charity and help other animals in need. So Starstruck Candles was created!

Currently, I still have Binky. Shy is a rescue that was in an animal shelter for months and was facing death row. I fostered her and still am. Shy is so sweet but very shy (hence the name). She is still looking for a forever home! I had her spayed and heartworm tested and the sale of my candles for charity helped pay for that! Once Shy has a family, I can do that all over again!

And then there’s Rosalie. Rosalie is a Yorkie mix and was born with no knee caps. She is a little baby for sure and although she can get around, she really needs support. Now, through my candles are charity, I’m trying to raise money for a really amazing wheelchair. Videos are coming of sweet Rosalie!


And meet the Horses at Willow Farms Rescue in Loxley, AL! Thanks to the candles for charity, I am able to buy horse feed and give back! These pictures are from a recent visit. Horses are very expensive to keep, especially draft horses like big Sherman here! Any donations, sponsorships, or horse adoptions can really help them out! That’s what makes my candles for charity so important.

Giving Back

I donate a portion of each candle sale from each line to a different charity.

Created By Hand

All my candles are 100% hand made so therefore each is a little unique.

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Candles can all be custom labelled to represent your business!