About My Crystal Candle Magical Shop

Hello everyone! My name is Karen and that’s me and Wiggles, my little heart and soul in the background!

I started making crystal intention candles as a fund raising idea at first, a pup needed surgery and I wanted to raise the money somehow without asking flat out for donations. People loved the crystal intention candles and what they stood for. And as I used them more and more myself and saw the changes in my life I wanted to let the whole world know about them!

In just a few short months it has grown and grown and I am able to keep giving back to animals in need with the help of my little crystal candle shop and not only that but help many people in a spiritual way too.

My family background takes me back to the 1500’s as being related to French Witches, ( I was born and raised in the UK and my actual family name means ” The Damned ” in French!) The damned was basically what every witch was called back then anyways! I now live in Alabama with my houseful of disabled dogs and my rescue horses!

I have a strong connection to the spirit world which lead me to getting certified as a spiritual life coach. I am very much into The Law of Attraction and how it works with magick from centuries ago and with the use of crystals and positive thinking. If you need help with a life decision I am more than happy to give free coaching with every candle you purchase and I have so far made many new friends from my Facebook page and I love helping!


Please feel free to check out my Facebook page, Starstruck Candles and ask to join my group if you are interested in free tarot readings and more magical stuff! My sister still lives back home in the UK and has many years of experience in Wicca and Witchcraft and does some amazing past life readings and talking to the spirit world so you can connect with her on my Facebook page also!


Blessings to you all and thank you for reading!




Giving Back

I donate a portion of each candle sale from each line to a different charity.

Created By Hand

All my candles are 100% hand made so therefore each is a little unique.

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Candles can all be custom labelled to represent your business!